Grandma’s Moving In!

Grandma’s Moving In!

By Stephaine Cone


We are living in a day when grandparents are disposed of. They are sent away from those who love them to impersonal institutions where they are viewed as simply more needy people requiring care. But that's not the vision of ''honor thy father and thy mother'' which we seek to communicate.

In this uplifting illustrated children's book, little Albert wonders how he can care for his elderly grandmother who is moving into his home. Will caring for Grandma be too hard? What can Albert even do to help her?

Journey with Albert as he discovers that caring for Grandma isn't as frazzling as he had imagined. From Benjamin the bakery man to Workout Wendell, Albert learns that you don't have to be a grown up to help care for an aging loved one. By God's grace, even a little boy like Albert can help care for his Grandma.

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