Todd Strawser | Executive Director

Todd Strawser and his family share a deep conviction to see the Christian family and church thrive in their biblical roles of caring for the elderly. As an elder in his local church and with over a decade of ministry to the “least of these,” Todd and his wife have ministered in nursing homes for twelve years. They also provided care for his father-in-law and ministered to his mother-in-law through the end-of-life during her fight against lung cancer. Todd is the founder of Christian Family Eldercare and directed the CFE conference in 2015. Todd and his wife Jessica live in Monument, Colorado with their seven children.

Photo of Todd Strawser

Marcia Washburn | Assistant Director

Mrs. Marcia Washburn is currently the fulltime caregiver for her mother-in-law who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. After homeschooling her five sons for nineteen years, Marcia began her speaking and writing ministry, publishing dozens of articles and over fourteen books. Her latest book, Home-Based Eldercare: Stories and Strategies for Caregivers, details her caregiving journey with four adult relatives over the years. Marcia speaks nationally and internationally on family-related topics such as parenting, homeschooling, music, and caregiving. She lives in Northeastern Colorado with her husband, Kieth.

Photo of Marcia Washburn

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